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Info Session

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM/Free

Do you want to learn how to code? Whether you want to make coding your career or to improve communication with developers, CodeCore has programs that fit. Join us for our information session on April 4th to learn more about our programs. Click "Register" to learn more.

CodeCoreDemo Day
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Demo Day

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM/Free

Come check out web applications built by CodeCore's latest developers! Thinking about hiring a new developer? Wondering what can be built by a graduate of our bootcamp? If so, this is the place for you! Come watch demos of projects our students have created, with time for a Q&A afterwards. Complimentary food and refreshments will be provided.



Introduction to the program

The CodeCore Bootcamp curriculum was developed by our team of industry veterans, who continuously consult with our corporate Hiring Partners to review, update and optimize our program. We teach not just the fundamentals of coding and programming languages, but also offer real-world training in software architecture and development methodologies and processes. Graduates come away with the tools and understanding to communicate and work effectively with teams in a fast-paced development environment.


Things you'll learn!

Visual Studio Code

A powerful open source text editor for writing code. Built with JavaScript and web technologies


An indispensable tool used to save your progress when writing code, enable working as a team on small to large projects and share your code with the world.


A social networking service to help you share and collaborate on Git managed projects.


Learn fundamental to intermediate level concepts of JavaScript. A programming language that is integrated in all web browsers and is widely regarded as the most popular.


A program used to run JavaScript code outside of the browser. It can be used to create web servers, to interact with electronics, etc.


A powerful open-source relational database queryable with Structured Query Language (SQL).

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The most used web server framework for JavaScript. It features a small and simple middleware based API that makes easy to quickly create web applications.


An expressive and popular object-oriented programming language which on occasion almost reads like English.


A very productive Ruby-based web server framework which greatly influenced the world of web development. It's used by tech giants such as Airbnb,, Bloomberg, Github, etc.


The most popular and most widely JavaScript library for building fast and beautiful user interfaces. Created by Facebook.


A tool used in the industry to bundle and optimize your JavaScript and web projects for delivery to The Internet.

Day in The Life

What will you be doing during a typical day

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The Bootcamp opens at 8:00 AM. Students arrive, make themselves coffee and get ready for the day's lesson. The first and only class begins an hour later at 9:00AM.

It's broken up into 3 50 minute segments with 10 minute breaks in between. During the class, the students learn a topic in depth while following along with interactive exercises.

Class ends for lunch at 12:00 AM.

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Students return from lunch for 1:00 PM to join a lab session with an instructor. This session is a guided set of exercises that the students must solve in groups of 2. The exercises follow closely the material covered in the morning.

At random, a student will be chosen to present their solution to the class. The lab ends at 4:00 PM.

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At 4:00PM, TAs are a avaible to help students and answer their questions. TAs are industry professional from various backgrounds including CodeCore graduates and longtime senior developers. Then, the bootcamp closes at 8:00PM.

Occasionally, career workshops to help students prepare for the eventual job search are held during this time.


You will need a few things

Desktop Computer


A laptop with MacOS or Linux installed.

Desktop Computer


Be able to attend entire business days for 12 weeks.

Memo with Pencil

Admissions Test

Contact Us or Apply to learn more


Several coins for a bootcamp

Female? Boom! You've just received a $500 scholarship grant towards your full-time bootcamp enrolment. One small way CodeCore is working to encouraging diversity in a male dominated workplace. Sweet huh?

CodeCore is a Designated Institution and you may be able to apply for a Student Loan under StudentAidBC (or your home province). Contact CodeCore to speak with a representative for more information before applying!


  • Pay full amount up front
  • No montly payments
  • Monthly Payment Amount: $0

Partially deferred

  • Pay partial amount up-front
  • Followed by 8 monthly payments
  • Monthly payment amount: $725
  • A credit check is required for this option and a deposit may be required to reserve your place.


Hear from our graduates

CodeCore was able to round out the skills that college could not. I was given a job offer about 1.5 months after graduating.

Jackie Ellenberger

Whether you are a junior or intermediate developer or a recent graduate from school, CodeCore is one of the places you can start a new career.

Amir Nabaei

I graduated the CodeCore Bootcamp in August and I feel confident saying it was the best educational experience I’ve ever had.

Elise Yohm

Without CodeCore I highly doubt I would have been able to learn what I needed to become a serious contender.

Kelsey Hannan

I now have all the skills necessary to enter the fast paced world of web development, and even more, after taking the CodeCore bootcamp I now have the confidence!

Josh Davies

Since I completed my CodeCore education at CodeCore, I can now implement my photoshop designs fully, and that is beyond exciting.

Kelly Waters

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a new in-demand skillset. Learn rails and become a software developer.

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