Learn VR Basics with VR For Developers

One-day Workshop on February 25th 2017

Learn about Key VR concepts

VR For Developers

2017 is going to be year zero for VR. Make no mistake: this will change all businesses as we know them today. And it will change what it means to do your job. This 1-day workshop will arm you with the skills you need to identify the right VR platforms for your company, and rapidly prototype testable ideas with your team that leverage the current state of UX best practices and your already strong web development skill set.

Who will teach it?

Ryan Betts who is our VR instructor. Ryan is a seasoned interaction designer who can take ideas all the way from concept to code. He spent the first 10 years of his career mastering design for the responsive web and smartphone applications, and has spent the last 2 years transitioning that expertise to volumetric UIs. Formerly a member of Adobe/PhoneGap team, and briefly a member of the W3C, Ryan currently teaches at Emily Carr and does freelance design for mixed and virtual reality.


  • Mozilla AFrame Introduction
  • Code workflow prototyping with AFrame

  • VR UX concepts
  • main UX/technology constraints facing modern VR platforms
  • minimum guaranteed experience that is required in VR
  • how to achieve it minimum guaranteed experience
  • Popular VR platforms
  • strengths and weaknesses of the popular VR platforms
  • Deciding on a platform
  • Common VR Rules
  • Common VR conventions and UI patterns that will drive a high-quality user experience

What is the length and cost of the workshop?

The course lasts 1 day and costs $360.


25 th 2017

  • Satruday February 25th
  • 7 hrs on the Saturday (10-5pm, 6 hours of teaching with 1hr break)

    How does it work?

    • We will have one trained instructor work with you on through presenting lectures while assisting you in an small class environment.
    • There may be TAs to help out in the classroom
    • We will not be giving you grades.
    • This is hands on training, there will be no final exam.

    Are there Prerequisites?

    • Solid understanding of Javascript
    • You must bring your own phone (Android and iPhone)
    • You must bring your computer to follow along

    What will you get out of this course?

    • An understanding of VR concepts and services
    • Your own Google cardboard or similar