Implementation Date: October 11th, 2014

Last Revision Date: October 11th, 2014

If a student decides to withdraw from a program, he/she must provide a dated, written, notice of withdrawal to the on-site administrator. Refunds are calculated according to CodeCore’s Refund Policy and the date on which the written notice of withdrawal is received will be used to determine any refund owing.

An international student whose application for a study permit has been denied is entitled to a refund under PCTIA Bylaw 38.3, if a copy of the denial letter is provided to CodeCore prior to the program start date.


  1. A letter should be submitted to the on-site administrator from the student detailing the intention of withdrawal and highlighting the reasons behind making the decision.
  2. A meeting is setup with the instructor if applicable to discuss the withdrawal decision.
  3. The institution will provide a written notice confirming the withdrawal form the school and provide details about the refund as per the refund policy.
  4. The student may cancel the withdrawal request by making another written request to the on-site administrator expressing the intent to cancel the previous request. The on-site administrator will then give a notice confirming the cancellation of the request.