Advanced Diploma in Business

CodeCore College is pleased to offer this comprehensive business program which focuses on administration, leadership/personal development, and business theory. This program is a total of 60 weeks of classes, not including session breaks and has an available co-op placement option.

Courses and Schedule

What You Will Learn In Each Semester

Year One

1st Term
Economic Issues: An Introduction
Business Contractual Relationships
Business Law - An Introduction
Business Communication
Creating a Culture of Customer Care
2nd Term
Business Accounting
Managing People and Organizations
HR Management: Introduction
IT in Business: Spreadsheets
Information Technology: Applications Software
3nd Term
Business Accounting
Managing People and Organizations
Marketing: An Introduction
Personal Development Planning
Graded Unit 1

Year Two

1st Term
Behavioural Skills for Business
Economics 1: Micro and Macro Theory and Application
Economics 2: The World Economy
Continuous Workforce Development
Statistics for Business
2nd Term
Business Culture and Strategy
Information and Communication Technology in Business
International Marketing: An Introduction
Continuous Workforce Development
Business Graded Unit 2
3nd Term
Business Culture and Strategy
Information and Communication Technology in Business
Preparing Financial Forecasts
Presentation Skills
Business Graded Unit 2

Accreditations and Articulations

Our Institutional Partners and Recognition

CodeCore is working hard to build one of the most comprehensive and well-recognized networks of college and university partners in Canada while gaining recognition for quality and cutting-edge education.

SQA Accreditation

Our SQA accreditation means that CodeCore College Students are able to enter directly into more than 90 different global universities and colleges with full or nearly full credit for first and second year. SQA Destinations

Royal Roads University

CodeCore College students can enter directly into 3rd year of Royal Roads Bachelor of Business Degrees.

University of Prince Edward Island

CodeCore College Students are eligible for advanced entry to Bachelor of Business Studies or Bachelor of Business Administration.


Admission to the Advanced Diploma in Business

Completed School or Equivalent

Applicants to the program must be Grade 12 or equivalent (B.C. high school diploma, B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma, General Educational Development) or an equivalent secondary school completion from another jurisdiction or the student has mature student status (is 19 or older before the start of classes).

Minimum Grade

Applicants must have a minimum average grade of 55% or C in their final semester of most recent high school or post-secondary studies.

English Speaking and Writing

To meet the English requirements for the program, applicants must have studied at least 2 years of full-time high school or post-secondary where the language of instruction was in English either in Canada or from a country on CodeCore’s approved list of English speaking countries. English requirements can also be met with an overall IELTS Band Score of 6.


Great Education Value

Program Tuition: $14 500 per year. Payment plans are available, if permitted by your permit status.

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