APIs: What, Why and How. with Ganesh Swami of Silota

Cohort 2 Community Week Day 5 - Lunch N' Learn with Ganesh Swami from Silota

In Week 6 of CodeCore's Rails Bootcamp program by TamTon Training, we host a series of events featuring Vancouver's top innovators to give our students and the rest of the community a peek into the their toolkits/stories. On day 5 of our 2nd Community Week, Ganesh Swami gave our students the high level overview of builing APIs into web applications.

Whether you are building for the web, mobile, or devices yet to be invented, the enabling technology behind them are APIs. In this talk, Ganesh introduced APIs, describe what makes them possible, the process for creating APIs and supporting them.

Ganesh Swami

Ganesh Swami is the founder of Silota – a Search as a Service API. He started his programming career writing high performance algorithms for protein simulations. He likes the challenge of taking complex topics and explaining them to a beginner.

You can find Ganesh's slides below:

Introduction to APIs - What, Why and How at CodeCore Bootcamp from CodeCore

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