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CodeCore is the leading Bootcamp in Vancouver teaching cutting-edge web technologies. We have graduated 400+ students over the last 5 years, many of them are leaders in the Vancouver Tech scene. We have built an amazing community of developers that is very supportive and welcoming and we hope you will become a part of it.

Mission Statement

Our goal

To provide web development services and training with cutting-edge technologies that are in high demand.


Makes things go round.

Lucas Hyatt

Senior Educational Administrator

Ramneek Singh Kumar

Operations Manager


Learn from the best. Become the best.

Steve Godin

Lead Instructor

Adept at crafting quality solutions to software engineering problems. Immense passion for learning challenging technologies. Greatly enjoys improving productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Easily communicates difficult programming concepts. Thrives speaking in front of an audience. Naturally self-manages projects and tasks. Professionally taught & worked with JavaScript (Node), Ruby, HTML, CSS, Rails, React, Postgres & Git over two years. Additionally studied and practiced Clojure, Elm & Rust for the valuable concepts & paradigms they offer.

Maxwell Gordon


Maxwell began his coding journey in high school, hoping to create hacks for internet-connected PC games. This led him to pursue a degree in Computer Science at UBC. Following this, Maxwell entered his current roles as passionate and enthusiastic Lab Instructor here at CodeCore, and Full Stack Web Developer: building sleek, performant applications using the JS Stack - React, Node, etc - for his other clients. In his free time, he can be found jamming on the guitar and piano, snowboarding in the mountains, surfing on Vancouver Island, or expanding his knowledge of web security.

Tam Kbeili


Tam is the founder of CodeCore and continues to work at the school as an instructor. Tam has 12+ years of experience in the web development industry and currently run his own technology startup in addition to teaching at CodeCore. Most of his experience is in Javascript, Ruby on Rails and Elixir.

W. Travis Stanley


Adoring partner, father of three, codemonkey (Web Techlead @fitplan_app), gamer (mostly DotA2), writer, heavy fighter (SCA & EMP). That's about the gist of it

Teaching Assistants

Professionals from the local web. development community.

Jason Au

Teaching Assistant

Full Stack Web Developer with prior experience in video game programming/design and insurance underwriting.

Paul Chang

Teaching Assistant

I am a full stack developer at Rennie Group. I am constantly working to expand my knowledge and understanding of programming and computer science.

Tim Eijgelshoven

Teaching Assistant

Currently work as a web developer at a company called Bananatag. I enjoy learning new (coding) skills as well as helping others on their path to acquire those same skills. In my spare time you're likely to find me somewhere outdoors; we're in Vancouver after all!

Brandon Lam

Teaching Assistant

If I'm not playing games or hiking around the city I'm on my laptop rewriting applications using the newest and coolest ECMAscript features and libraries.

Tyler Nelson

Teaching Assistant

Tyler graduated from CodeCore in 2015. Since then, he has been a developer at Clio. Tyler spends his non-working time reading, blogging, running, playing volleyball, playing badminton, and eating.

John Nenniger

Teaching Assistant

Backend Rails Developer, snowboarder, climber, maple syrup farmer, philosopher, Blorg the Battlesnake developer.