CodeCore: A Developer Hub

Early origins

Many of CodeCore's parters and supporters in the Vancouver community may already know our history but I thought it would be good to explain where CodeCore came from to give prospective students and partners a better idea of our mission. Tam Kbeili and Jay Holtslander were introduced through a mutual friend in 2008 and after realizing they were a good working match due to their complementary skill sets, worked together on contract development projects together. Jay handled the front-end/design work and Tam handled the Ruby on Rails back-end. After months of working together and realizing a mutual interest in training and education, they formed TamTon Training, which specialized in workshops and training for Software Professionals in the Vancouver area.

Recognizing a Need

“Ruby on Rails hiring has seen a big spike in two years in Vancouver. We’re riding the crest of the wave here at Clio and plan on taking our product team from 11 Rails developers to 20 by 2013. We’re competing against Silicon Valley companies opening up R&D shops here to take advantage of our lower costs, so it will be an interesting challenge.” Simon Wilson, Clio

The quote above is taken from an older TamTon Training blog post for which Tam interviewed Simon Wilson of Clio.

In the article he talks about how "Internal training can be expensive. New hires from outside the corporate culture may also bring their own ideas that don’t necessarily fit with the best practices utilized by the company." This motivation to train developers who are in companies was the initial push behind what would become CodeCore development school. There was a need for developers in the community and TamTon decided to address this by first forming Rails workshops in 2012/2013 which set the tone for CodeCore's Rails Bootcamp.

CodeCore's Rails Bootcamp

Fast-forward to mid 2013, with many software workshops behind them and a growing reputation in the Vancouver community for being excellent trainers with clients such as Sage Canada, TamTon had come a long way. There had been many small Bootcamp style programs popping up all over North America during this time and since they had already put together a team of industry vetted developers from those they had worked with, it was the time to take the next step. As they prepared for their next big workshop at Vancouver's Developer Week's Rails Day, Tam and Jay decided to announce what had been in the works for many months, CodeCore Bootcamp.

The name was the brainchild of one of CodeCore's early instructors, who felt that there needed to be a name that symbolized the difficulty of going through an intensive coding program. The program was not meant for people who were thinking of transferring careers but rather for those who had made up their mind that becoming a Web Developer was something they wanted to do no matter the time commitment. With the standards of TamTon's trainers there could be no other name, standards had to be set from the start! They had spent months preparing what would become a custom curriculum and even built an Educational Platform to host their content., the tool that TamTon built for education and storing of content for training was the perfect place to source all the curriculum and use for maintaining classroom exercises, assignments and tests. It was as if every step they had taken led up to CodeCore's launch in 2014.

CodeCore's Future: A Developer Hub

When CodeCore kicked off in January 2014, the core team was made of Jay, Tam, Yushadha and myself (Aswin) with many supporting instructors who believed in providing on-hands developer training for the best junior Ruby developers in Vancouver. The idea of other classes was explored. If the Vancouver market showed a need then, just as they did with TamTon Training, they would create the curriculum to respond. This happened very early on in CodeCore's initial stages. There were many applicants who simply did not have the knowledge to take part in our Bootcamp and so we created CodeCore's Intro to Programming (aka CodeCore Fundamentals). It was the first part-time course to be added to CodeCore, structured to give potential Bootcamp students an idea of what it is to be a coder without having to make the financial commitment of a full Bootcamp. It has so far been a huge success especially with Marketers/Support personnel who wish to expand their skill set.

Another of our main concerns was the lack of infrastructure in place for Developers to gather and interact. To address it CodeCore adopted a policy that if you wanted to host a free event related to technology then we will not charge you! And in that spirit we're hosting the March HackerNest Van tech social with our partners Axiom Zen, the <a "">Angular JS Meetup and even more events in the future!

So keep watching this space to know more and to join us on our journey to becoming Vancouver's first Developer Hub.

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