CodeCore Community Week - Spring 2014

In week is Week 6 of our Bootcamp CodeCore hosts local innovators in an intensive Lunch 'N Learn series and following suite of a successful community week during our last bootcamp. Below you will find a short itinerary of the weeks events along with a page to sign up to attend!

Why Week 6?

The first 5 weeks of our Bootcamp are very hands-on in order to bring our students up to speed with Rails and it's intricate framework. During this time we keep the doors closed in order to allow our students to focus. In Week 6 we feel they are finally at a point where more exposure to the community will help them grow even further as we ramp up to Hiring Day!

Who will be speaking at the Lunch 'N Learns?

    Lunch N Learn will run every day from 12-1pm. We're very grateful for these speakers giving us an hour of their time
  • Monday — Introduction to Crypto-currencies and Getting Involved in the Market with Freddy Heartline from Decentral
  • Tuesday — Gentle view into the world of Graphs and Networks with Alex Keller
  • Wednesday — Cryptography For [Web]App Developers Sean Comeau
  • Thursday — Intro to PhoneGap talks and PhoneGap Hack Session with the PhoneGap team from California!
  • Thursday - CodeCore Information Session with Tam Kbeili
  • Friday — APIs - What, Why and How Ganesh Swami from Silota

Are there any other sessions?

Yes! We'll also be hosting a full day Rails session for beginners at CodeCore so be sure to sign up!


Check out the website our students built in Week 4 of our Winter Bootcamp for event registration and sign up!

Event Page


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