Cryptography for [Web]Application Developers with Sean Comeau

Cohort 2 Community Week Day 3 - Lunch N' Learn with Sean Comeau

In Week 6 of CodeCore's Rails Bootcamp program by TamTon Training, we host a series of events featuring Vancouver's top innovators to give our students and the rest of the community a peek into the their toolkits/stories. On day 3 of our 2nd Community Week, we had Sean Comeau stop by to talk about do/don'ts while securing your web applications.

Software and internet infrastructure is fundamentally vulnerable to attack. All we can do is our best to mitigate the consequences. Cryptography for developers covers the fundamentals of protecting your users and your company. Sean introduced the most common cryptographic building blocks and explain when and how to use them. Implement them now, or you may be forced to implement them after an embarrassing incident.

Sean Comeau

Sean Comeau is a security and cryptography enthusiast and the co-founder of FTL Networks. Sean believes that policy solutions are not nearly enough to assure that our liberties endure through the information age. It’s ultimately up to developers to design and build systems respect our desire for privacy.

You can find a full transcript of Sean's talk here, with his slides below:

Cryptography for [web]app developers from CodeCore

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