Gentle view into the world of graphs and networks with Al Keller

Cohort 2 Community Week Day 2 - Lunch N' Learn with Al Keller

In Week 6 of CodeCore's Rails Bootcamp program by TamTon Training, we host a series of events featuring Vancouver's top innovators to give our students and the rest of the community a peek into the their toolkits/stories.

The concept of a graph theory was first pioneered in the 18th century by Euler, and has been actively researched and improved by mathematicians, sociologists, anthropologists, and others ever since. Graph impact a diverse field from systems biology to social networks. With new data sources and domains in finance, biology, social networking, master data management, geospatial, recommendations, and more. It has increased the the interest in graph databases, graph processing, graph theory, and even solving connected problems with a graph mind-set. The purpose of this talk in to introduce you to graphs and graph computation. This previously under utilized, but fundamental data structure in not being applied to solve many challenging problems. One you fall into the world of graphs you may never leave!

Al Keller

Al Keller has worked at Google in graph processing and machine learning, The National Center for Atmospheric Research with data engineering, predictive modeling and then started his own company focusing on functional programming, problems in Python and Scala, ML and graph theory. He is currently moving towards work in cognitive science, neural computation and topological data analysis.


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