Introduction to Crypto-Currencies and Getting Involved in the Market with Frederick Heartline

Cohort 1 Community Week Day 4 - Lunch N' Learn with Frederick "Freddy" Heartline from Car Surfing

In Week 6 of CodeCore's Rails Bootcamp program by TamTon Training, we host a series of events featuring Vancouver's top innovators to give our student and the rest of the community a peek into the their toolkits/stories.

Freddy took the time to talk about the Crypto-Currency explosion, covering the various types of currencies, the technical infrastructure behind the currencies and how to get involved within the Vancouver community for developers interested. He refrained from getting into the technical aspects of bitcoin yet covered the implications for developers worldwide.

Frederick Heartline

Freddy is a veteran of the Vancouver technology scene who is spearheading the launch of Decentral, a cryto-incubator geared at providing a space for cryptography based startups. Freddy is also the CEO of CarSurfing, a ridesharing company aimed at connecting festival goers to share a ride.

Here's a quick list of links and videos that Freddy shared in his talk:


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